Back to Black

10 Jun

There’s something about black gadgets that makes it hard for me to ignore them.

I got suckered into buying the 8GB version of the iPod Nano, instead of my originally intended 4GB. Because only the 8GB one came in black.

Then I spotted the Asus EeePC 701 at the PC Fair. Oh yes, it came in black too. And now, behold, the trilogy is complete because I now have a black N82.

N82If the phone were alive, I’d imagine it’d be singing a ditty like this:
"I’m too sexy for my owner, too sexy for my owner, too sexy for my, for my colour-challenged owner!"

Since I named my laptop George, my iPod Pedro, then what should I call my phone? I considered calling it Damien (devil’s son, har har) but I know two Damiens. So instead I’m christening it…Damon. Yes, lame, I know.

So what’s so sexy about Damon? Specs-wise, he crams most of what an N95 can do into a leaner, meaner package. Now that does come with a few tradeoffs like a much smaller screen. Otherwise, it’s got one heck of camera – 5.0 megapixels with a superb Xenon flash. If it had optical zoom, this phone would probably give you a great reason to just chuck all your point-and-shoot cameras! Picture quality falls just short of amazing and it does decent quality video (30fps) as well.

Other goodies – GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi…and 100MB of internal memory. Now that last bit might sound like a downer but it supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC so you could just slot in one of those high-capacity cards. Incidentally, the black N82 I got came with the free Snakes game as well as Nokia’s Sport Tracker.

My own personal Black Trinity of devices. I won’t be surprised to suddenly hear voices in the night…who will likely be telemarketers selling me insurance. Who needs denizens from hell when you can hire coldcallers instead?


One Response to “Back to Black”

  1. Giant Sotong June 10, 2008 at 10:07 pm #

    If it’s a ditty you want, Damon might want to have a look at this.
    Genius. Pity the guy dropped out of sight.

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