John Scalzi demonstrates absolute pwnage

29 Jul

Everyone has to deal with their usual dose of stupid. But Scalzi’s response to a rather dimwitted commenter really should make the Internet Archives of Utter Win.

"Reading this person’s understanding of how the First Amendment applies
in these instances is like being slathered in a thick coat of ignorant,
and then being put out into the sun to dry out before a second coat is
applied, which itself will be topped off by a sealant of complete and utter stupid, and lightly drizzled with a glistening varnish of epic fail."

If I had to explain just how I totally relate to this, I would likely be hit with quite a few libel suits so I shall refrain.

Of course, just so you know, that description also totally describes our ruling coalition.


One Response to “John Scalzi demonstrates absolute pwnage”

  1. Dabido July 31, 2008 at 7:54 pm #

    Wow! John gave it to an Aussie dumber than me! Who’d have thunk such a beasty existed! lol
    I might have to go back to Slash Dot where it’s usually the Aussies trying to explain to the Americans that their First Amendment doesn’t work in Aussie. lol

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