What the human mind can concieve, it can achieve

17 Aug

The American 4 x 100m Medley Relay team claimed their second consecutive victory in the event, bettering their Athens 2004 world record to 3:39.34. Certainly a sweet victory all round.
I’m just hoping against hope that Phelps will be proven a true champion – one that didn’t resort to steroids, blood doping and other such ‘cheats’. He’ll also prove a great role model for all the ADD-diagnosed kids out there. Diagnosed with the condition at 9, his primary teacher brusquely told his mother "Oh, he’s not gifted."

His mother used swimming as a way to help him keep focused, to ease his constant restlessness. If only other mothers were as insightful about child rearing as she was. She could have given up on him the way his teacher did or kept him doped on medication to ‘control’ him. With a parent like that, let’s hope Phelps remains level-headed, focused and a great example to the rest of us in the power of daring to dream.


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