Pain, gain and learning not to complain

18 Aug

I feel like channeling Lainie today so here goes…

It’s funny, baby, how when I’m feeling the least bit doubtful about us, you call or text me.
Like just now when I was telling myself not to call you until Friday. I’ve been so clingy lately that I was afraid you’d become cold or distant.

And just when I’m thinking that, the phone beeps and I read this:
"Be happy. Am here for you."

It happens so often I should be used to it by now. But, honey, it’s still magic to me that your heart can still hear mine across the miles.

This whole weight-loss regiment is a pain. So far I’ve lost some of the flab…from my face. The rest of my body needs coaxing so I’ve started on Pilates. I’m not even supposed to be doing any heavy lifting so I thought mat exercises would be safe enough.

Safe they are, but I am sore. My inner thighs hurt. My back muscles feel like they’ve been wrung through a drier. And looking in the mirror, I realise my posture’s gone off. My lower back arches too much while my litle pot belly leads the way – a sign my core muscles are out of shape.

And my ass has definitely seen better days.

But Pilates is good for me – I can stay horizontal, no sweating involved and after it’s over, I know I’ve got a good workout from the way I feel the next morning.

The P1 WIMAX launch is tomorrow. Will likely pop in just because I can.

WIMAX please don’t suck.

But I heard they won’t even be covering all of PJ until the end of the year.

The gods of Internet hate me. Or they just want to break me up with WOW.


I’m going to be NaNoWriMo ML for Malaysia again this year. Am excited – the new t-shirt looks awesome and I can’t wait for November to roll around. I’ve already got novel ideas but I still remember Sharon saying to me "You can’t just Nano forever, you know."

Maybe not forever, but just as long as I can.

I love my Nano peeps.

When things go wrong, the skies go dark, when loss and grief come by…I’m grateful for good friends, Euro Deli, bak kut teh, Bailey’s with milk, Cold Storage and McDonald’s delivery.

So I look at pictures of you and me. And it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Because it’s all good.

Not the way it used to be, nor will it ever be the same.

But the memories make me smile now.

And that, my dear friend, is a good thing.


One Response to “Pain, gain and learning not to complain”

  1. Giant Sotong August 19, 2008 at 12:06 am #

    Uh no, it’s
    And can anyone truly channel Lainie?

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