P1 WIMAX – still a work in progress

19 Aug

Well, at least we know the pricing now.

You choose between two contracts – 12-month or 24-month. 12-month contract: RM99 for 1.2Mbps, RM229 for 2.4Mbps. Choose the 24-month contract, and the pricing dips to RM89 and RM199.

What I’m not too excited about is WIMAX is still only readily available in KLCC, Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang and surrounding areas), Pekeliling, Setapak, Gombak, Seri Rampai, Sentul, Pudu and selected areas in Subang Jaya, USJ 1, USJ 7 and the Subang Hi-Tech area.

Everywhere else? Wait until the end of 2008.

Oh well, plenty of time for all the other broadband providers to grovel at our feet muchly.

And their WIMAX site at http://www.p1w1max.com hasn’t even been updated with the plans. Not to mention the link to the coverage map is broken.

Ah, WIMAX, our relationship was not meant to be. And I shall be stuck with my crappy wireless broadband for a long while yet…


One Response to “P1 WIMAX – still a work in progress”

  1. Naoko August 20, 2008 at 8:24 am #

    Thanks for the headsup! I’ll bug my friend who works for them know. :3

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