So Avril Lavigne is 'not our culture', eh?

22 Aug

As usual, Malaysia’s being made a laughing stock. Again.

Seriously, when the morality police are questioning an Avril Lavigne concert, it makes me wonder if they don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. It’s patently embarassing. What is our culture, then? Do Malaysians only listen to nasyid, sappy Scorpions-wannabe soft rock, old CantoPop and Bollywood hit tunes?

And UMNO just decides to roll over, show its belly and proclaim that the concert is “not our culture”, then they backpedal and say it’s too near Merdeka day.

Screw Malaysian culture if it’s just about not having a conscience or backbone, or thinking it’s right to stuff your own definition of culture and religion down everyone else’s throat.

Though I would have been supportive if the concert was banned to save us from truly awful tunes like that “hey, hey, you, you” song.


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