Desktop freedom

4 Sep


So I bit the bullet and got a new monitor to replace my CRT – it was losing brightness and tended to look greenish yellow from some angles.

That’s what I love about owning a desktop – if part of my system isn’t working correctly, I just go and replace a part. If my laptop’s screen had failed, I would have needed to purchase an entirely new machine. Why? The price to get a replacement, then pay for service fees would likely make getting a new machine a better option.

Since I’m not exactly made of money, I settled for a budget 19″-incher from LG. It was very good value for that much screen space and though I would have loved to trump up money for one of Samsung’s beauties, they were out of my budget range. 19-inches is just good enough to be kind to your eyes without taking up too much space.

And since I was at the store anyhow, I picked up a new hard disk since my current 250GB drive had only 80GB free. The 320GB drives were out of stock so I plonked a wee bit more cash for a 500GB drive.

Besides my subnotebook, I don’t see myself owning another laptop anytime soon. Carrying one around with me as my primary machine was a pain, not to mention always being paranoid about losing my machine to thieves. My Eee PC doesn’t go out with me much – mostly to junkets or when I’m chasing deadlines and must run away somewhere with less distractions.

I fully look forward to using one at the next NaNoWriMo, coming in 3 months. November will also see me making Starbucks rich with all the coffee I’ll be consuming from them!


One Response to “Desktop freedom”

  1. piffles September 7, 2008 at 12:26 am #

    oooh… i was just thinking about getting a 19′ monitor as well … =D

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