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A surprising colourful win

31 Oct


Wonder of wonders – I won a prize for being Best Dressed.

I half expected pigs to be flying around the Parliament building at my win, but it was all due to Dell’s Colours party at Centro.

DJ Serena C was emceeing and as always, she delivered. The food was also pretty good and was lucky to be in the company of Suan, Kim and ST. Not to mention my other friendly tech reporter friends who also happened to be around.

There were 4 Best Dressed winners and they made us horse around before being allowed to choose what we wanted. I took home a funky orange Dell Studio Hybrid PC. Not sure if I’m going to keep it yet – stay tuned for tomorrow’s unboxing because it’ll be delivered to the office.


Wore a happy sunny halter tie dress to the party – as a rehearsal for Chooki’s wedding dinner. Cal thought the dress brilliant so I tried it on and it was pretty awesome. My lucky dress, LOL.

Unfortunately Suanie and friends had to witness me turning my Mamma Mia session into a group singalong. It was wacky fun. Tonight was also awesome for other reasons, that involve accepting that things change, people change but sometimes the best things are just as good as you remembered.


Picture tweaking on the N82

30 Oct

Irene says she doesn’t like the pictures I’ve posted so far on the blog. “You look pale”.

Well, I fooled with the settings on the camera and must admit the default shots often end up looking somewhat overexposed.

Like this shot:


So in the camera menu, I tweaked the exposure compensation to +1.0 and chose the Vivid colour profile to get this shot:


Yep, Irene, you’re right. My shots do need some adjustment to get more natural skintones. If you compare the photos, the first makes me look somewhat washed out.

Irene’s asked me why I don’t just get a ‘proper’ camera but honestly, I don’t miss my D40 at all. It was a lovely camera, yes, but the N82’s easier to take around, has a super Xenon flash that works even with no light and well, I love it. Honestly.

I wants one too!

29 Oct

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Too cute.

My annual obsession

29 Oct

nanonano Yes, in a few days it’s NaNoWriMo again and my duties as Malaysian ML compel me to get my whip cracking.

My RSI from a horrible new mouse seems to have abated so should be in writing form again soon. It flared up all day yesterday making typing a pain. So back to typing up a storm and getting as much backdated work done.

In other news, I am still in love with the Vista snipping tool. It’s PrintScreen on steroids!

Maybe I’m growing up

29 Oct

There it was on my Live Writer, a whole long diatribe about how I’m mad at you. Why I’m mad, what you said, what you did.

But it’s not going to change the fact that I hate someone who used to matter a lot to me.

Why bring out all the dirty laundry? Why say any more things to wound and to hurt when all the insults and irreparable damage is done and gone?

There was a cuss word a plenty, a long rage-filled rant fest.

Before I could even hit Publish, I read it and decided that though it made me feel better to write it, I didn’t need to share it with the world.

It felt good to just get all the bile, the hurt, the bitterness into words.

Because really, all that hate is just the product of a year’s sadness, grief and angst. I let it out, I processed it and then let it go.

Nobody has to read my pain to make it real.

The anger comes later

29 Oct

I hate you.

If they love you, they'll stay…and shield you

29 Oct

I don’t know how my friends stand me when I’m such a love junkie. Always falling in some mire, oblivious to my own misery the way a moth would ignore its burning wings just to creep closer to the flame.

But despite my propensity for trouble, and my penchant for a lack of self-regard, they do try very hard to keep my body and mind safe and sane. That’s why I’m tickled to listen to Dave Barnes’s Stay Away. It’s about a man warning a known heartbreaker to stay away from his friend. And I’ve been on the side where you see someone going somewhere you know is really bad. A friend’s responsibility is to warn loved ones from harm and even if the warnings are ignored, to then stay around to pick up the pieces.

She hangs up the phone and she
Lays wide awake
Holding onto the heart you, again will break
It’s not that she’s innocent
And she’s not been defiled
Yes she picks up the phone, well
It’s you who dialed
And I know she tells you to stay
But please, stay away
Stay away
Stay away
I know this is heavy
I know I seem mad
But you’re the one who laughs and runs while
She’s standing sad
We both know where this is going from your history
She again will fall in love
You again will leave.
And I know she’s telling you to stay
But please, stay away
Stay away
Stay away
She wears her heart on her sleeve
Yeah she’s crying her eyes out to me
Heaven or hell she will go through
Depends on you
Depends on you