Even the smalllest candle matters in the darkness

8 Feb

I know, I’m breaking my Blogging Sabbath. But I just felt I had to talk about a stranger – a young man whose passing grieved so many of my friends. Don’t get me wrong – I never met him, or spoke to him. Until his death, I didn’t even know his name.

Now I do and it stuns me how much this 23-year old could have left the kind of impact on people a lot of us don’t achieve in long lifetimes. His passion and inner fire to live for God, to be the change he wanted to see in this world (as Gandhi said) was something all his friends remembered.

Though he is gone too soon, what is evident that he truly lived his 23 years. What other youngsters put into idleness, he poured into dreams of change and ideals to serve.

It shames me somewhat, as I enter my 31st year. So much of what I have ‘achieved’ has not been for His glory, but mine. Today I woke up fatigued and not wanting to have anything to do with anyone at all. So tired, so weary, and longing just to hide myself in a cave away from everything of this world. And alone I wonder on how small the import of my life’s actions has been.

So I fare thee well, my brother. May you find the everlasting peace in the Father’s arms; may those who love you find solace in their grief and thank you for the reminder that life is precious and time something we too easily let slip through our fingers.


One Response to “Even the smalllest candle matters in the darkness”

  1. aLaN February 9, 2009 at 11:14 pm #

    Hey.. any chance the person’s name is Marcus?

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