Blog Action Day: The fight for a greener M'sia

15 Oct

"Wow, the haze is pretty bad," said my companion on the train today. "Are the Indonesians burning stuff again?"

Looking out the LRT windows, I merely said, "It’s just pollution."

Just pollution. Perhaps I sounded blase but isn’t that the reality of city life?

All the cars on the road.

All the trash on the streets.

All the industrial waste and soon we’ll need to worry about nuclear waste as well, due to our government being hellbent on building a reactor whether we want one or not.

What about solar energy? Wind? Other means of renewable energy that doesn’t involve destroying the delicate balance of nature?

No, it’s the Malaysian way. We want things fast, cheap and regardless of the consequences.

If I ever have children or grandchildren, I shudder at the world I’m leaving behind for them. I imagine the building-high trash mounds of Manilla. The wasteland of Chernobyl. And I weep for the rainforests we have sacrificed to timber concessions, victim of our politicians’ greed.

Even the Maliau basin in Sabah isn’t spared. Despite it supposedly being a protected reserve, logging still goes on, encroaching on that precious space for the preservation of flora and fauna.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Sarawak is destroying people’s livelihoods to build dams.

It’s not about politics. It’s about understanding that our resources are finite. That there are things we throw away that we can’t replace easily or at all. The things we are doing to our land, to our country isn’t just affecting us but our neighbours as well. Indonesia’s rampant open burning practices pollute our air with haze. Likewise, our poisoning the ground water and decimating valuable green lungs has consequences.

Stop building all those damn malls.

Fill up all those condos instead of building new ones.

Tell your state reps/Wakil Rakyats that you’re not going to put up with pollution/nuclear reactors/hazards to health, safety and the environment.

Today is Blog Action Day and like many bloggers all over the world, I’m having my say about climate change. I say that we can do something about it.

So why don’t we?

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One Response to “Blog Action Day: The fight for a greener M'sia”

  1. jibone October 15, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    Interesting. The question here can we have progress sans the pollution?

    Regarding the nuclear reactor, it’s not the question whether we WANT one or not, it’s whether we NEED one or not. Looking at the rate we consume energy it looks like we need it or we’ll end up buying our energy form other countries.

    Solar energy, wind and other means of renewable energy will only only work if we consume less energy, the word ‘We’ refers to corporations, factories, heavy industries too. To them ‘consume less energy’ means less production.

    To research on making solar, wind and other means of renewable energy more efficient cost more money and time then to just create/buy a damn nuclear reactor..

    Why am I rambling here,.. I should post this on my blog ya?… haha

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