Note to Orang Malaya: About frogs

14 Jan

I am again angry. At a very bodoh ill-informed Tweet.

@brigitterozario Church shld give up fight to use ‘Allah’; let Sabah and S’wak be unhappy and take it to the polls!

Kepala otak engkau.

Please to read this article in Nut Graph about the 1994 Sabah state elections.

Sabahans voted for PBS and rejected BN.

What happened? Raja Segala Katak Anwar Ibrahim engineered a mass defection of frogs from PBS into BN.

The Perak ‘betrayal’ was NOTHING compared to how Sabah’s selfish, greedy, corrupt politicians sold the state to BN.

For what? So-called development?

We chose to stay under the opposition, despite BN denying the PBS-led state federal funds. We were suffering but still PBS stubbornly chose to stay out of BN. And the people honoured that decision by voting them in for the second term.

And what does Anwar and those kataks do? Hand the state over to BN on a silver platter. I was 16 then and could barely understand what was going on.

But despite the years passing, I still feel betrayed.

Now we have all those illegal immigrant phantom voters, paid to vote for BN. All the poor, the ill-educated voters who went to the polls only to be betrayed years ago. Now they’ve given up. They voted but BN didn’t care and took the state with Anwar’s help.

So Brigitte, you seriously expect Sabahans to vote for a coalition led by the man who engineered the downfall of Sabah to the BN?

Move to East Malaysia and understand the tricky and complicated politics there. I’ve lived with Sarawakians for nearly 4 years; it took me that long to understand how the people there think. What drives them is not what matters to West Malaysians.

Sabah is also a different kind of place. Sabahans are not grasping. They are peaceful people, who are content with little. Who deal with poverty with just stoic acceptance.

While our politicians run us ragged with their greed and grasping natures, taking advantage of how mild-mannered and unambitious most Sabahans are.

So I would respectfully ask people like Brigitte to shut the hell up because you know nothing about us. We’re now your jailors because our votes keep BN in power? ASK WHO GAVE SABAH TO BN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Orang Malaya. Tak pandai belajar, tak boleh diajar.


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