The laziest unboxing video evah – HTC Desire

9 Jun

Somehow Maxis got suckered into letting me review the HTC Desire for 2 weeks.

It was hinted that an unboxing video would be nice, but there was one problem.

To be honest, I fall asleep through most unboxing videos.

It’s hardly exciting hearing a stranger randomly drone about something he or she just brought though Google’s Ninja unboxing video of the Nexus One was hilarious.

Also check out the iPad stop-motion self-unboxing video.

Being too busy/broke to do anything that fancy, I just took my HTC Legend and shot a few stills and video of the HTC Desire as I ‘unboxed’ it. Kept the video very short and concise so you get an idea what’s inside the box without going into a coma from my monotone voice.

For a full specs-list, go to HTC’s site.

More to come as I chronicle my experiences with what is supposed to be the best Android phone of 2010. In the UK, it’s selling out which shows the phone certainly is proving ‘desirable’.

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