Archive | February, 2011

You’ve known me forever

26 Feb

I’ve known Liz since primary school. We ended up being classmates for 11 years and she has been a much-needed constant in my life.

She’s one person I’d drop everything for when she comes down to KL. Liz’s patience, kindness and good humour makes her not just a great person but a great friend. But one thing I’ve always appreciated is her frankness and honesty.

In life, you need people to tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. Thanks for being one of those people, Liz.


My itteh-bitteh kitty

25 Feb

Savant the Kitteh is a little scamp all right. Clingy as heck and literally an ankle-biter.

But for reasons unknown, she loves me. I’m not complaining. (Photo taken with the iPhone 4, modified with the CameraBag app)