Introducing my Alter Ego

2 Apr

After my first playthrough of Dragon Age 2, like any real addict I started again.

The earlier game, I played a virtuous warrior who was all good and diplomatic. But not opposed to putting a sword through pesky bandits when needed.

This time around, I decided to roll a rogue. Say hello to Isadora Hawke, future Champion of Kirkwall.

Why the obvious Caucasian model, Erna? Why not play someone/something against type?

Dragon Age 2 is set in Kirkwall and standard vanilla fantasy where mostly everyone is Caucasian-looking, even the pimp narrator dwarf.

My sister on the other hand always makes her Dragon Age characters look like her. With the added benefit of being able to cast fireballs.

Sadly, even in Dragon Age I'm saddled with an annoying sister. The game gave me a brother too, but an ogre smushed him. He was the whiniest in the family, so that's OK.

One cool thing about Dragon Age 2 is the character dialogue options, which mostly consist of:

a) nice and safe
b) snarky

Option C will make your game, like, three times harder? I chose B for the LOLs.

I suppose I have some things in common with my dual-wielding rogue. If the pen is mightier than the sword, than I write like a rogue – always aiming for the jugular. Why settle for a sword when daggers are more fun?

BRB, the dwarf with a lot of chest hair just made me an offer I can't refuse.


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