Though I started my professional career as a writer covering technology, the piece that I’ll probably be remembered for is an opinion piece I wrote for political news site Malaysiakini:

Why is your Allah not my Allah?

It was something I wrote in anger and frustration. The catalyst for it was a West Malaysian Chinese Christian friend-of-a-friend breezily saying she didn’t understand why Christians were making a fuss over ‘using the name of a pagan God’.

Her ignorance and shallow thinking appalled me. It really drove home to me the divide between West and East Malaysia, a schism apparent even among Christians of both locales.

It seemed I wasn’t the only one. People commented on the piece, forwarded it in emails and on Facebook, even coming up to me and telling me how much they appreciated what I wrote. I was even quoted by a foreign wire agency who dubbed me a ‘political commentator’.

But I’m not. I’m just a writer who believes that words have power, meaning and beauty.

You can read my tech-related stuff at the following sites:

Blorge.com : I was a former blogger with them until I joined tech PR. Conflict of interests stopped that collaboration.

RovinGeek : A site created by friends of mine, which has been defunct for awhile due to real life intrusions.

Other stuff I wrote for Malaysiakini (subscription-needed):

For better or worse, Happy Birthday Malaysia

Sept 16: No cure for being shortchanged

Speak, Umno Youth is listening


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