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29 Mar


25 Mar

Penang oh penang #YESPenang

13 Mar


Holed up at Vistana hotel. Serviceable place, clean and my room had free wi-fi so hooray.

Also had nice supper at gurney drive. Rojak pretty good though was too stuffed to eat stuff like kuey teow.

Pretty relaxed trip though have to start thinking about what to writefor goreng. Do uou say ues to yes? Hmm.

No i’m not on facebook…

12 Mar


…but i am in penang. As in just got to the bridge thanks to heavy rain.

Won’t be on/checking fb until easter comes around – these blogposts are autoposted to my twitter as well as fb.

This is view from back of cushy mpv. The group is on way to dinner at queensbay. YES 4G has been pretty consistent on highway – quite fun being roving group of mobile hotspot users.

A better writeup will go up on goreng but these are just random posts to amuse myself on long journey.

Tweetcha later!

Ipoh Mali – Yes4G chronicles

12 Mar
Seems part of our convoy ended up in Gopeng instead of Taiping. So we’re all heading to Ipoh now. Speeds are all right so far but disappear on the small trunk roads. But once you’re back on the tolls the signal comes back. The iPad as a mobile Net device is fun but for blogging the iPad 2 would be worth the wait. It’s because adding pictures to your post is tricky on the original iPad. Speeds so far peak at aroun 7-8MB. Slightly more reliable than telco signals though. DiGi disappeared in some areas as’s Chapree would attest. Onward to Ipoh before finally heading to Penang.

Yes4g drama

12 Mar


For some reason, my Huddle was not workong properly. But thanks to expert tech support (thanks Terence!) my Yes4g Huddle is finally working.

In other news, am carsick and want my mommy. 😦

Yes penang roadtrip chronicles

12 Mar


8am. Painfully early time to be in kl but it’s all for the sake of work.

The objective: to see how Yes4g fares on a roadtrip along the north-south highway.

All us roadtrippers were handed yes portable wi-fi hotspots called huddles. Also have an ipad to test surfing on.

Still in bukit bintang as we speak and surfing wirelessly in traffic. Whoo-hoo. More updates to come!